6%DOKIDOKI x MIGHTY HARAJUKU Project 2011 World Tour

At each stop, the 6%DOKIDOKI crew are planning to do their “Harajuku Kawaii Experience” fashion show (with the amazing shop girls directly from Harajuku), a talk show with Sebastian, and a pop-up shop featuring lots of amazing items. This tour will also include the MIGHTY HARAJUKU Project post-earthquake effort to help those in need and keep up the spirits of everyone in Japan. 6%DOKIDOKI will have “We Vow To MIGHTY HARAJUKU!” pins at each stop on the tour!

Here are all of the details of the Harajuku Kawaii Experience 2011 Tour (with MIGHTY HARAJUKU Project). This tour is coming up very soon, so please keep an eye on 6%DOKIDOKI’s Facebook page for updates or changes!

Los Angeles, California, USA
6%DOKIDOKI in Los Angeles Facebook Event Page.

  • April 16th, Sat – Fashion Walk @Chinese Theater
  • April 16th, Sat – “To Japan: From LA with Love” @space15twenty
  • April 17th, Sun – 6%DOKIDOKI fan day @space15twenty

Vancouver, BC, Canada
6%DOKIDOKI in Vancouver Facebook Event Page.

  • April 19th, Tue – Harajuku Kawaii Experience with 6%DOKIDOKI fashion show @Caprice Night Club

Seattle, Washington, USA
6%DOKIDOKI in Seattle Facebook Event Page.

All Seattle 6%DOKIDOKI events are happening at @Sakura-Con.

  • April 23rd, Sat – Talk show about “Harajuku”, “Kawaii” culture by Masuda Sebastian
  • April 24th, Sun – 6%DOKIDOKI’s fashion show
  • April 22nd-24th – Pop Up Shop @Guest booth

External Links for the Harajuku Kawaii Experience 2011 Tour:

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