John Galliano, who was fired as creative director at Chistian Dior following mounting allegations of racism and Antisemitism and a  leaked video that showed the designer saying “I love Hitler,” has been ousted from his eponymous label, WWD is reporting.

The label, 91% of which is owned byChistian Dior SA , will continue to produce collections designed by the in-house team. According to WWD, pre-spring is already in the works. The paper also mentions that Dior has received several unsolicited offers to buy Galliano, but says that “it is understood a sale of the company is not an immediate priority, and no banks have been mandated to sell it, nor has financial data been made available to interested parties.”

If Galliano is acquired by one of these interested parties that WWD mentions, don’t be surprised if the new owners bring the designer back to his eponymous line. We’ll just have to wait and see :/

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