Lady Gaga, Karl Lagerfeld and Blake Lively-Designed Uniqlo T-Shirts, All Benefiting the Japanese Red Cross

Lady Gaga

Fashion has been generous and compassionate towards Japan in wake of the country’s recent disasters, but no company so much as Uniqlo, whose chairman and CEO donated $12 million of his own money to relief efforts. In addition to millions of dollars more in clothes and funds that the company donated, it’s now teaming up with an A-list group of designers and celebs to do the now-ubiquitous T-shirt design collaboration.

According to a release sent out by the retailer, ten designers and celebs created t-shirts, with proceeds benefiting the Japanese Red Cross. The high profile celebs include Lady Gaga, Karl Lagerfeld, Gwyneth Paltrow, Nicole Kidman, Alber Elbaz, Blake Lively, Charlize Theron, Cyndi Lauper, Victoria Beckham, and Orlando Bloom.

The shirts will retail for $19.90 and are available starting June 25. We’re partial to Alber’s hearts, Gaga’s characters, and Karl’s wash of color.

Nicole Kidman
Victoria Beckham
Alber Elbaz
Blake Lively
Karl Lagerfeld

Sanrio for Japan Earthquake & Pacific Tsunami Relief

Sanrio has announced a partnership with the American Red Cross to continue their support to earthquake stricken Japan and the Pacific nations affected by the tsunami. A portion of the proceeds portions from all collaborative items to be donated to the American Red Cross Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami Relief efforts. Love these new Hello Kitty products:

Hello Japan Tote – a special canvas tote produced in collaboration with Loungefly Inc. and featuring Hello Japan artwork will be available in limited quantity by mid-April – in Sanrio Boutique stores nationwide, at and, as well as select specialty retailers.  The bag will retail for $10, with Sanrio and Loungefly donating $6.50 from each bag to American Red Cross.

Hello Japan T-Shirt – a junior’s t-shirt produced in collaboration with Mighty Fine will be available at retail by the end of April. The scoop neck, short-sleeved t-shirt will be available at Sanrio Boutique stores nationwide, at and, as well as select specialty retailers.  The shirt will be aimed to retail for $20 with Sanrio and Mighty Fine donating $15 from each shirt to American Red Cross.

Hello Japan Chocolate Bars – in collaboration with Dylan’s Candy Bar, two premium Belgium chocolate bars in milk and dark will feature the Hello Japan customized graphics and will be available in both Milk and Dark Chocolate.. Target availability will be early May in Dylan’s Candy Bar locations, and Sanrio Boutique Store locations in the U.S. The bars will retail for $4.00 with Sanrio and Dylan’s Candy Bar donating $3.00 from each bar to American Red Cross.

In addition to these products, Sanrio Inc., designated March 31 as a “Day of Donation”, with participating Sanrio stores in the U.S. and donating over $50,000 to American Red Cross Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami Relief efforts. Sanrio Inc. has also collaborated with Ty on the creation of a special I Love Japan Hello Kitty Beanie Baby that will hit retail in mid-May. Additional contributions can be made at or by texting REDCROSS to 90999 on your cell phone.


One Snap For Love: Yone x Kyary Pamyu Pamyu x 6%DOKIDOKI x MIGHTY HARAJUKU Project

There was already a line outside of Lov-Lab Harajuku by the time the event started, with Tokyoites out in force to show their support for the victims of the recent disaster. Yone, Kyary, and Sebastian made sure that everyone had a good time and that each person left with a cool photo to remind them of their good deed. There were quite a few people from various Tokyo shops, brands, and other organizations offering support for One Snap For Love – including Spinns, LaForet Harajuku, Ravijour, Asobi Style, MaiSassyGirl, DJ Yumemi Nemu, the 6%DOKIDOKI shop girls, and many others. photographer Kira attended the event and took photos to share with us that couldn’t attend. If you are in Japan (or plan to visit in the near future), Yone will be holding other One Snap For Love fund raising events in the coming months. Definitely keep an eye on his blog  for announcements.

On a personal level, everyone here at TokyoFashion was really happy to see so many people – young, old, and everywhere in between – coming out to show their support for – and donate to – earthquake relief.  

When people think of Harajuku, they most often think of the amazing fashion that we all love. But events like this show something else that we’ve known all along – that Harajuku has a big heart beating below all of those cool clothes.

6%DOKIDOKI x MIGHTY HARAJUKU Project 2011 World Tour

At each stop, the 6%DOKIDOKI crew are planning to do their “Harajuku Kawaii Experience” fashion show (with the amazing shop girls directly from Harajuku), a talk show with Sebastian, and a pop-up shop featuring lots of amazing items. This tour will also include the MIGHTY HARAJUKU Project post-earthquake effort to help those in need and keep up the spirits of everyone in Japan. 6%DOKIDOKI will have “We Vow To MIGHTY HARAJUKU!” pins at each stop on the tour!

Here are all of the details of the Harajuku Kawaii Experience 2011 Tour (with MIGHTY HARAJUKU Project). This tour is coming up very soon, so please keep an eye on 6%DOKIDOKI’s Facebook page for updates or changes!

Los Angeles, California, USA
6%DOKIDOKI in Los Angeles Facebook Event Page.

  • April 16th, Sat – Fashion Walk @Chinese Theater
  • April 16th, Sat – “To Japan: From LA with Love” @space15twenty
  • April 17th, Sun – 6%DOKIDOKI fan day @space15twenty

Vancouver, BC, Canada
6%DOKIDOKI in Vancouver Facebook Event Page.

  • April 19th, Tue – Harajuku Kawaii Experience with 6%DOKIDOKI fashion show @Caprice Night Club

Seattle, Washington, USA
6%DOKIDOKI in Seattle Facebook Event Page.

All Seattle 6%DOKIDOKI events are happening at @Sakura-Con.

  • April 23rd, Sat – Talk show about “Harajuku”, “Kawaii” culture by Masuda Sebastian
  • April 24th, Sun – 6%DOKIDOKI’s fashion show
  • April 22nd-24th – Pop Up Shop @Guest booth

External Links for the Harajuku Kawaii Experience 2011 Tour:

The Fashion Industry is Offering Some Cool Stuff for Japan Relief, Including a Photo Shoot With Anna Dello Russo

This month, the CFDA and online retailer Yoox are both doing their part to rally the fashion troops in order to raise relief funds for Japan. They’re offering some seriously great items that you’ll want to snag, and not only because it’s for a good cause.

Last week, the CFDA launched Fashion & Friends for Japan, an auction on that has already raised over $180,000. Today the second round of items went up for auction and they’re equally amazing as the first lots that included a customized PS1 bag.

Some highlights are a Vogue Japan photo shoot in Milan with Anna Dello Russo, a J.Crew Crewcuts photo shoot for your stylish child, and two coveted tickets to the spring 2012 Rodarte show.

The new lots will be available until May 5, and you still have time to bid on the first round of lots that will be up for auction until April 28.

In other cute fashion-for-a-cause news, teamed with eight international brands including Marni, Margiela, Y-3, and Moschino to create unique t-shirts centered around the theme “We Love Japan.” The designs sold out quickly earlier this month, but Yoox is re-releasing them tomorrow on

Both groups are donating 100% of the proceeds to aid recovery in Japan.

MIGHTY HARAJUKU PROJECT: Tokyo’s Youth Fashion Capitol Pulls Together in Wake of Disaster

When the Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami struck Japan that day, the enormity of the tragedy seemed almost beyond comprehension. Many people throughout Japan were shell-shocked by the scale of what had happened, as well as by their inability to do anything about it.

Those living in Tokyo were very lucky. While scary, the damage to Tokyo from the actual earthquake was minor. The people hardest hit were those in the north-eastern Tohoku region, as they faced the double brunt of the earthquake and the deadly tsunami. Everyone who I have spoken with in Tokyo is absolutely heartbroken over the plight of those who lost their lives, were injured, or made homeless by the tsunami. We are all doing our best to send our support to those affected by donating what we can afford. If you haven’t looked into the options for helping out, I highly recommend that you check out the Google and Yahoo earthquake relief websites for more information.

While the situation in Tokyo was much better than in other parts of Japan, the impact of the earthquake was strongly felt even in Harajuku . Harajuku was nearly deserted immediately after the earthquake as a result of various train lines shutting down, rolling blackouts, and shops closing to conserve energy. But as with every other disaster in history, it didn’t take long for people to start working toward getting their lives back to normal – even if it’s a “new normal”.

Enter the “MIGHTY HARAJUKU Project”.

Japanese fashion brand and boutique 6%DOKIDOKI. The brand’s founder, Sebastian Masuda, has been in Harajuku for over fifteen years. In that time, he has seen a lot of changes. One thing he had never seen before, though, is what we all experienced on March 11th. In the days after the earthquake hit, Sebastian began thinking of ways for Harajuku to come together and regain its strength and sense of purpose.

When you first think of 6%DOKIDOKI, you probably think of brightly colored accessories, cute fashion, a cute shop & website, cute everything. Your first impression wouldn’t be wrong – there’s good reason that 6%DOKIDOKI calls their store a “Sensational Lovely Shop” and uses phrases like “Kawaii Anarchy” to describe their aesthetic. But while Sebastian is known globally for his unique and extremely cute designs, there is far more to his philosophy than just making cute things. He has been a strong supporter of maintaining the “spirit” of Harajuku during the various trials that the neighborhood has gone through over the years – including the closing of the Hokoten (Pedestrian Paradise) by the government in the late 1990s, the economic crisis, and the recent onslaught of fast fashion brands into the neighborhood.

Through it all, Sebastian has been a constant champion of Harajuku as a place where young Japanese girls and boys can express themselves and have fun, mostly free of the pressures that permeate much of the rest of their lives. He believes that the “health” of Harajuku as a creative center and a place for young people is directly related to the “health” of Tokyo and the entire country of Japan. Having traveled extensively – and after talking to people around the globe both in person and online they all strongly believe that Harajuku is very important to Japan’s image in the world.

With all of that in mind, Sebastian came up with the idea for the “MIGHTY HARAJUKU Project” in the days after the earthquake. The basic idea was simple: to bring together the people of Harajuku (those who live there, those who work there, and those who visit ) to help the people in other parts of Japan who are most in need – and to give each other strength and support in a time of turmoil and uncertainty.

The first and most urgent order of business was to gather donations for the victims of the tsunami. 6%DOKIDOKI’s staff, customers, and many others brought goods and money to the brand’s shop in Harajuku, where they were boxed up and made available to those in the worst-hit areas of Japan. But Sebastian had a lot more in mind than just donations when he envisioned MIGHTY HARAJUKU.

The MIGHTY HARAJUKU Project also seeks to ensure that Tokyo’s young people still have a place where they feel safe and relatively worry-free – even when many potentially scary and stressful things outside of their control are happening in the country. Furthermore, Sebastian decided that it would be important to share news and images from Harajuku with other areas of Tokyo, Japan, and the rest of the world – to let people all over the planet see that even in troubling times, Harajuku is still hanging tough and moving forward.

Sebastian put the MIGHTY HARAJUKU Project into motion immediately – reporting on the situation on the streets of Harajuku in the days following the earthquake via his own mobile phone photos and short news items posted to his blog, Twitter, and Facebook in both English and Japanese. As more shops began to re-open, other people and businesses joined together to support the project and help contribute as well. Less than a week later, Sebastian had designed a “MIGHTY HARAJUKU” button/pin that is given away free at various locations around the neighborhood.

The shops, brands, and organizations who have been supportive of the MIGHTY HARAJUKU Project so far include FRUiTS Magazine, ADD, Dr. Martens, Faline Tokyo, Nadia, G2?, Spinns, Panama Boy, Hypercore & many more. New Harajuku-ites are joining the project every day.

The story of the MIGHTY HARAJUKU Project is the story of how each neighborhood in Japan has been touched by this disaster. It is about how communities are coming together to support those who most need help, while also supporting each other and giving each other strength during a crisis most of us never imagined we would experience. Do what you can to help Japan here in the states. Just because we are so many miles away, doesn’t mean that we didn’t feel it too. Contribute what you can to the cause.

ONE NIPPON Party Pictures: All-night Earthquake & Tsunami Relief Event at Trump Room Tokyo

On Saturday night, Tokyo’s fashion scene came together at the Trump Room to support earthquake and tsunami victims while listening to great music and sharing quality time with friends.

Produced by Tokyo Dandy, the “ONE NIPPON” party had a fantastic concept. Rather than paying to get in, everyone was asked to bring at least three items to be donated to Second Harvest Japan, a non-profit group working with earthquake and tsunami relief efforts in Northern Japan. While organizers requested three items per person, many ONE NIPPON attendees brought far more than that. By the end of the night, boxes of donated goods for Second Harvest were stacked high.

Once inside the door of the all-night party, the love for those in disaster-hit areas of Japan was readily apparent – with many stylish Tokyo-ites wearing “Pray For Japan” pins from Faline Tokyo, or “Mighty Harajuku” pins from 6%DOKIDOKI. ONE NIPPON drew a huge variety of DJs and other entertainers, all of whom were excited to be doing their part to help out with relief efforts. Artists on hand included Mademoiselle Yulia, Yoon, Trippple Nippples, Baby Mary & KJ, Detto K, Flash & Roxi, Kosuke Adam, Leo Candycane, Takeru Is Dead, Yatt, Yuya Nara And Sachiko, 2Boy, Anti Noise, Cloudom, DJ Shun, D&V, Freeek, I’M, Jacob Le Champ, Kohno, Modern Boy, Poppo, Salvador, and Tommy.

We know that many of you reading this aren’t in Tokyo,just like myself 😦 , but that doesn’t mean you missed out on all of the fashion, music, and more at the ONE NIPPON event! See all the pics below :)!! Even though you may not have been there in person to donate items at the door, I definitely recommend that you do take a look at the Second Harvest website and see if there’s anything you can contribute.


Designers and Celebrities Band Together for Japan Relief

Amanda Seyfried holds up a 'Please Help' sign in support of the victims of the Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami while out with a friend in West Hollywood, CA. London Entertainment / Splash News.


Designers, celebrities and fashion organizations are banding together in an effort to help aid Tsunami and earthquake victims in Japan. Some designers, like Rebecca Minkoff, are letting you shop for Japan by donating proceeds from purchases to the country. Others, like Coach, are donating out-of-pocket to the Red Cross and some brands — Theory, for one — have set up drop off boxes and sites to donate directly. More opportunities to shop and help are expected in the coming days. Diane von Furstenberg announced a plan for an online charity auction, with designers and friends of the CFDA putting together “huge packages” to benefit the Japan relief effort. In the meantime, here’s how you can put your shopping skills to a good cause.

Alexis Bittar is donating all proceeds made from sales on his website from March 21-25 to the Catholic Relief Fund.

Zero designer Maria Cornejo and her husband, photographer Mark Borthwick, will donate proceeds from sales of a limited-edition photo print tee to Doctors Without Borders. The couple will be on for the sale tonight at the Bleecker Street store in NYC.

Lady Gaga created a $5 “We Pray For Japan” wristband which is available on her website. 100% goes directly to the Japan relief effort.

Natori and Josie by Josie Natori will donate 10% of all sales through April to the Red Cross.

Gilt City will match the profits from each donation made to the non-profit Global Giving.

Coach is donating 400 million yen (approximately $5 million) to the Japanese Red Cross Society.

Uniqlo will send 700 million yen worth of clothing to disaster victims, including 300,000 pieces of HEATTECH items. Plus, Fast Retailing President, Chairman and CEO Tadashi Yanai will make a personal donation of 1 billion yen and an additional 4 million will be donated to the Japanese Red Cross.

H&M has closed down all stores in Tokyo and is donating 100,000 garments to the Japanese Red Cross.

Brooks Brothers formed a Customer Giving Campaign where 100% of donations will go directly to the American Red Cross recovery and relief efforts. Brooks Brothers’ Golden Fleece Foundation will match dollar for dollar up to $50,000.

Bergdorf Goodman added a disaster relief section to their Facebook page allowing visitors to donate to the American Red Cross, Shelter Box and Doctors without Borders. You can also donate through iTunes accounts.

Tadashi Shoji is donating 10% of storewide sales from both its South Coast Plaza and Forum Shops Las Vegas stores to the Japanese Red Cross .

Gap Inc. is supporting emergency relief efforts through a partnership with Global Giving.

• Karmaloop is taking pre orders for the site’s $20 Rising Sun Tee, which is available for both men and women. 100 percent of the proceeds from the tee will go to The American Red Cross’ disaster relief fund.

American Eagle Outfitters is making a $10,000 donation to the American Red Cross to provide assistance to the Japanese Red Cross.

Theory, which is under the parent company Fast Retailing, has drop-off boxes for clothing donations in stores around the country.

Rebecca Minkoff is donating is $100 for every red handbag purchased on her site to the Red Cross.

Made With Japan is selling a series of tees for $35 each and 100 percent of the proceeds are being donated.

• Artist James White designed a tee playing homage to the Japanese flag. The poster is currently sold out but a second set is in the making.

Afterzine is donating $5 from each sale to the Red Cross. The $10 bi-annual 112- page zine has contributors like fashion bloggers Alexa Chung and Tavi.

• Jewelry for a Cause is giving $6.50 from the sale of its $30 Blue Wave Talisman necklace to the Red Cross.

• Temptu is donating $100 from every AIRbrush MakeUp System sale.

• Hanae Mori Parfums is donating a portion of proceeds from all sales on their website to the American Red Cross.

• Creed is donating a portion of proceeds from all sales on their website to the American Red Cross.

Top, clockwise: Alexis Bittar earrings, $255. Forever 21 top, $25. Rebecca Minkoff bag, $295. Rachel Comey Boots from Steven Alan, $368. Creed perfume, $150. Courtesy Photos.


Heart Japan Poster

Heart Japan Poster—We already love Nan’s twee illustrations, and now 100% of the proceeds of this screen-print will be donated to disaster relief efforts.
Nan Lawson Heart Japan Poster, $10, available at Etsy

Afterzine—With work from Alexa Chung, Tavi, Thurston Moore, and more, this zine contains 112 pages of images, sries, and content from your favorite tastemakers. $5 from each sale will be donated to the Red Cross.
Afterzine, $10, available at Afterzine

Corter “For Japan” Bracelet

 Corter “For Japan” Bracelet—This simple leather bracelet has a hand-painted red snap that’s a subtle symbol for Japan. 100% of proceeds will go to Red Cross.
Corter Japan Bracelet, $20, available at Corter Leather.
Ken+Dana Design

Ken+Dana Design Necklace: The numbers inscribed on this necklace are from Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965, a reminder that we were all immigrants at one point and, in essence, all the same. $30/each necklace will go to Red Cross.
Ken+Dana Design Necklace, $125, available at ken + dana design.





Swissmiss Help Japan Poster—This stark print makes a powerful statement. 100% will be donated to the Red Cross.
Zac Neulieb Help Japan Poster, $22.50, available at Swiss-Miss.


Sonic And Streetfighter Games


Sonic And Streetfighter Games on sale on iTunes: Playing games on a train can be irritating to those around you but now playing these classic Japanese-made games are beneficial to those thousands of miles away. 100% of proceeds will go to Red Cross.
Sonic and Streetfighter Games, starting at $0.99, available on iTunes.


Lady Gaga Wristband


Lady Gaga Wristband—It’s always welcomed when celebrities use their fame for good. 100% of proceeds will go directly to Japan relief efforts.
Lady Gaga Japan Earthquake Relief Wristband, $5 (or larger donation), available at


Adapt T-Shirt


Adapt T-Shirt—This is a comfy graphic tee from a brand that’s said to “represent the ideas of positive change and personal advancement.” 100% of proceeds will go to the Red Cross.
Adapt T-Shirt—$28, available at Adapt.