One Snap For Love: Yone x Kyary Pamyu Pamyu x 6%DOKIDOKI x MIGHTY HARAJUKU Project

There was already a line outside of Lov-Lab Harajuku by the time the event started, with Tokyoites out in force to show their support for the victims of the recent disaster. Yone, Kyary, and Sebastian made sure that everyone had a good time and that each person left with a cool photo to remind them of their good deed. There were quite a few people from various Tokyo shops, brands, and other organizations offering support for One Snap For Love – including Spinns, LaForet Harajuku, Ravijour, Asobi Style, MaiSassyGirl, DJ Yumemi Nemu, the 6%DOKIDOKI shop girls, and many others. photographer Kira attended the event and took photos to share with us that couldn’t attend. If you are in Japan (or plan to visit in the near future), Yone will be holding other One Snap For Love fund raising events in the coming months. Definitely keep an eye on his blog  for announcements.

On a personal level, everyone here at TokyoFashion was really happy to see so many people – young, old, and everywhere in between – coming out to show their support for – and donate to – earthquake relief.  

When people think of Harajuku, they most often think of the amazing fashion that we all love. But events like this show something else that we’ve known all along – that Harajuku has a big heart beating below all of those cool clothes.

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