Versace for H&M Crashes Retailer’s E-commerce Site in the UK; US Site to Launch in Fall 2012



And the madness begins…


Versace for H&M hit stores today in London, Paris, Milan and Shanghai today, and, as I expected, shoppers came out in droves in person and online to shop the new collection. In Shanghai a fight even broke out when some of the professional queuers (yes, this is apparently a real thing) didn’t want to wait on line, WWD is reporting. On line (like the internet kind of line), there was a bit of Missoni for Target deja vu. H&M’s e-commerce site crashed only moments after the collaboration went up for sale, according to the Daily Mail.


I checked the retailer’s e-commerce site and while it appears they are still having technical difficulties (only some of us were able to get through), it doesn’t seem like the site is completely down anymore. H&M apologized over Twitter for the inconvenience to shoppers saying, “Followers, we’re sorry about the technical problems in our shop online markets – we’re working hard to solve them!”


Stateside, I have much more exciting news when it comes to H&M’s e-commerce: The fast-fashion retailer will (finally) be launching their first online shop in the US in fall 2012, according to this Tweet. Let’s just hope they work out all the kinks in time for us to shop their next drool-worthy designer collaboration–perhaps with Tom Ford–online.


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