Kanye West Debuts ‘Dw’ Line At Paris Fashion Week

Kanye West finally unveiled his much-discussed womenswear line Saturday night (October 1) with a high-profile show at Paris Fashion Week that was as full of eye-catching designs as it was celebs.

From Vogue Editor in Chief Anna Wintour to actress Lindsay Lohan, the stars were on full display for West’s show.

Singer Ciara said, “It was amazing. The clothes, the feeling in the room, the energy backstage — it really feels special,” she said. “It was definitely one of the most talked-about events [of Paris Fashion Week], because it wasn’t going to be your typical show. This doesn’t happen every day, and to see someone like Kanye, who aspires to succeed in fashion, to get so much respect and cross over like this, it was monumental. It was an historic moment.”

While she was amazed by the fashion community’s embracing of West, Ciara was quick to point out that she was just as struck by his designs, singling out a few favorite looks.

“I loved the pants, the color-blocking and the orange, I loved the fur accessories, I loved the black dresses,” she said. “There was a lot of attitude. It was strong, sexy … I loved it. I kept seeing looks that made me think, ‘Oh my God, I want that.’ ”

“I saw Kanye after, and I told him it was amazing. But there was so much chaos backstage — good chaos, of course. He was excited, and it was just so much good energy,” she said. “And now, I’m walking away from this being inspired. He continues to inspire me with everything that he does. And tonight was definitely a moment.”

I loved Kanye’s collection and I must agree with Ciara when she says that the fur accessories were to die for! Every piece still had that Kanye energy and swag….LOVED IT!! Absolutely GORG!!

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