Ostensibly, Fashion’s Night Out is about well, you know, fashion. But a practiced party-goer knows that the night’s real value lies in all the free booze, food and swag one can squeeze out of the hours-long event.

Here I break down the night‘s best bets for making it through the night hunger sated (and slightly tipsy) without spending a cent.

6:00: What’s the best way to get any night going? Champagne and hors d’oeuvres of course! Get yours–and support a good cause–at De Beers’ tribute to Love, Marriage and Equality at their NY flagship store, 703 Fifth Avenue At 55th.

6:30: After enjoying a flute of champagne (or two), head next door to Henri Bendel​’s, where the Hester Street Fair is temporarily setting up shop and you can start noshing on some more substantial fare, like yummy sandwiches and dumplings (or, hey some ice cream sandwiches could easily work for dinner–it’s Fashion’s Night Out, after all!)

7:15: At this point your champagne buzz has probably worn off a little. Head four blocks south to Juicy Couture, where the champers will be flowing all night, to immediately replenish.

8:00: Get some air (you may need it at this point) with a ten minute stroll over to the Ferrari store at 410 Park Avenue. Enjoy the free porsecco and hors d’oeuvres but what ever you do, DO NOT BUY A FERRARI.

8:15: Say goodbye to the Italians and say hello to the Swiss at the OC Concept Store at 655 Madison, where you’ll be treated to Swiss snacks, a chocolate bar and (yes!) a yodeling competition and ski simulator, for which you will be properly lubricated.

9:00: Having made it out of OC Concept Store without puking during the ski simulator, proceed to Dylan’s Candy Bar at 1011 Third Avenue to get those sugar levels back up to speed with yummy treats, customizable cookie shoes and unique cocktails.

9:30: With all that free booze and yummy food rumbling around in your tummy, at this point you may start lagging. Best to jog the few blocks to Nespresso at 761 Madison Avenue–get that heart rate up!–and enjoy the free espresso, cocktails and snacks.

10:00: Feeling so much more awake, hop on the F at 63rd and Lex and get off at Rockefeller Center. Head over to Morrel Wine Store (at 1 Rockefeller) where they’ll be serving up a “great selection of bubbly and still rosé wines.” Yum.

10:30: This isn’t exactly food, but at this point, we imagine you might be stuffed. Unwind from the night with a free massage from Brookstone at 1230 6th Avenue.

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