Annabelle Dexter-Jones, Charlotte Ronson’s Half Sister and Muse, is Designing a Clothing Line

One of the youngest members of the Ronson/Dexter-Jones family, Annabelle also has that effortlessly cool quality that every one of them seems to have been born with. She has great style and an unconventionally adorable look. Her half sister Charlotte Ronson, whose show she walks in every season, has called Annabelle her muse. Aside from that, she’s mostly known for being in Purple Diary a lot and dating French graffiti artist and nightclub owner André Saraiva.

But now, she tells WWD in an article about Saraiva, Annabelle is working on something of her own–a clothing line. “It’ll be super girly, kind of like me,” she said. It will be hard not to draw comparisons between her and Charlotte; then again, the fact that they have different last names could prevent that. No word yet on what the line will be called, but she plans to unveil it next February in New York. As far as we know, she has no formal design training but if the undeniable success of pretty much her entire family is any indication, Annabelle’s line will probably be awesome.

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