Gwyneth Paltrow for Topshop?

The Daily Mail reports that Gwynnie was spotted dining in London, without makeup nonetheless, with Sir Philip Green. Which can only mean one thing, right? Topshop collab! The actress/cook/author/blogger/country singer/Glee star/mom is probably ready to add another slash to her resume. While nothing is confirmed and this is mere speculation based on a single dinner, it’s not a completely outrageous assumption. Gwyneth has enjoyed good relationships with designers through the years, has a great sense of her own style, is now iconic enough to pull off a line of her own (especially with the design prowess of Topshop behind her), and is going through a bit of a creative period right now. Not to mention she lives in the UK for a good chunk of the year and could be very involved in such a project. While her design experience is limited to a small capsule collection she did for French brand ZOEtee’s and a t-shirt for Uniqlo, she’s obviously had some experience in front of the fashion camera. She’s now the face of Coach, and has done stints for Tod’s, Christian Dior, and Esteé Lauder. I’m waiting anxiously to see how this turns out. If a collab actually materializes, I’m sure it will be tasteful perfection, just like Gwynnie herself. .

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