Rumor Has It: Diane Von Furstenberg Set To Collab With Gap Kids o_O

I love rumors—well, at least the good kind. 😉 And this morning’s whispers over a Diane von Furstenberg collaboration with Gap Kids are all sorts of goodness. Gap Kids’ team-up with designer Stella McCartney was a knockout, and I have every reason to believe that Diane could help the national chain once again strike kiddie retail gold. According to sources, the collection is set to hit stores later this year—just in time for back to school season perhaps? Adding fuel to the fire, Gap’s spokesman gave a stock “no comment,” to reporters from Racked, while reps from DVF have yet to respond. I think there’s no reason to be shy; von Furstenberg’s bold prints are pitch-perfect for children, and mini wrap dresses? Too cute for words.

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