In what appears to be a brilliant publicity move, the Kardashian sisters–well, at least Khloe and Kourtney–had a “secret” meeting with OPI yesterday. Khloe tweeted first, “Top secret meeting with my sisters for OPI.” This was followed up shortly afterward by Kourtney’s: “Amazing top secret meeting today with @KhloeKardashian at OPI!!! I am obsessed with their nail polish colors!”

This can only mean one thing, right? Another collaboration for Kardashian Inc. OPI is known for its less-than-traditional collaborations (Justin Bieber, Shrek and Serena Williams, anyone?). And a Kardashian collaboration totally makes sense for the brand, which isn’t one that shies away from kitsch. Kim has gone on the record saying that she loves OPI, and none of sisters leave the house unless they’re perfectly manicured.

I’ve reached out to OPI for comment, and they had this to say: “Unfortunately I can’t confirm either way…[we] should have an answer one way or another in the coming weeks.” So there you go.

If a collaboration is in the works, we have two predictions: It’s going to be glittery and it’s going to sell like mad. Those two Kardashian tweets set Twitter atwitter and made OPI a trending topic. Not bad for less than 280 characters. 😉

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