Last night’s Hudson Spring 2011 preview in the denim label’s New York showroom wasn’t supposed to be about Georgia May Jagger. At least not completely.

But of course it was. It’s no shock to hear that Jagger’s designs for the label, released this spring, were inspired by her parent’s rock star wardrobes. (Read: treasure trove of hand-me-downs.) What is surprising is the sheer balls it took the 19-year-old to crank out a pair of hip to toe lace up jeans; a look certainly not for the frilly or faint of heart (although a colleague suggested I swap out their ties for my signature pink ribbons). Creative Director Ben Taverniti explained, “we sell an attitude, representing an edgy girl that’s still very sophisticated, that’s Georgia.”

In addition to Jagger’s spring offerings, Hudson’s latest collection has branched out with neons and new textiles. Taverniti told us that “the line is inspired by exclusive getaways–we used a lot of lighter fabrics.” Highlights included cherry red low-riding skinnies and elegant twill palazzo pants–both well-suited to Hudson’s jet set fan base in Capri and St. Tropez. 

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