Hi Everyone !!

I had such an amazing vacation that I thought I would give you guys a closer look.

We stayed in the Paradisus Riviera Maya Resort in Mexico and loved every second of it. But fair warning if you don’t like wild animals this may not be the place for you. They have coatis and lizards roaming around like if they own the place LOL.  They don’t bother anyone and pretty much stay in their lanes.

We ventured out of the resort one day to visit La Quinta Avenida. It is a must for shopping for your souvenirs and any other shopping needs you may have. It is also a very busy street with a lot of people. I wouldn’t be too trusting in this area but for the most part you are safe. The food at the resort was amazing but we HAD to try El Fojon and it did not disappoint. The tacos we had were beyond! Sorry I don’t have photos from that day since we wanted to just keep to ourselves but I definitely recommend you pay it a visit if you are ever in the area.

After our getaway to Mexico we went to the Dominican Republic to visit my parents. They recently retired and I was very home sick. I so happy we went and that I got to see my husband relaxing and creating beautiful memories with my family. We got to celebrate my dad on Dominican Father’s Day. I was blessed with one of the best dads in the world and was so happy that I got to spend his day with him.

I hope you guys enjoy the photos ! If you have any questions let me know. Don’t forget to follow me on instagram via bubblespop1 for more.




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