LOVE Marc Jacobs and was so excited to attend the Fall 2014 Marc by Marc Jacobs Collection Preview on Wednesday April 9th. It just so happens that on that day it was also Marc Jacobs birthday! He turned 51 years old and I can’t tell you enough how the excitement was all over the room at the preview.

The colors and prints he used for this collection remind me of comic books and racing stickers, but there was also a hint of rocker chic! You can’t take your eyes off the pop of color he used to accentuate the accessories of collections. Marc by Marc Jacobs collections has also received a very noticeable upgrade to its fabrications. The leathers are more supple and premium in touch making you want to splurge on the entire collection. Please make your way to his stores and online in August when this entire collection will be available for purchase.

“Luella Bartley and Katie Hillier were appointed design director and creative director, respectively, of Marc by Marc Jacobs in the spring of last year, but the duo’s return to the spotlight has been anticipated for far longer than that, and the excitement has been mounting ever since. In fact, fly posters scrawled with their names and circled by a heart have been popping up all over the city in the last week. “We have no idea who’s doing it,” said Bartley before the show. “But it’s nice to feel the love.” She was the secret girl crush of a generation of young women with her eponymous label back in the early naughts along with longtime cohort Hillier, and she wrote the book on cool London style quite literally (her acclaimed guide finally published in the States last fall).” Vogue Magazine


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