Nicki Minaj For Kmart Collection!!

Who needs press releases when you have Instagram? Following in the footsteps of Gisele and Isabel Marant for H&M, Nicki Minaj released a first look at her new Kmart collection on the social media platform the other day.

The collection, set to hit stores this fall, actually looks pretty cool and fashion-forward (especially for Kmart). Minaj snapped three outfits: A crop top/legging combo, sweat suit, and form-fitting dress.

Caption read, “One of my dresses. Hugs u in all the right places.” Right. Well, when you have curves like Minaj, it’s kind of hard to go wrong.

Screen-Shot-2013-08-16-at-9_19_51-AM Screen-Shot-2013-08-16-at-9_20_08-AM Screen-Shot-2013-08-16-at-9_20_29-AM

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