10 Leather Pieces That Break The Moto-Jacket Mold

Just the smell of leather makes me want to reach for our wallet. And, as I’ve been hitting the shops for some serious holiday browsing, that rich scent is everywhere. I know, I know—you already have a leather jacket, and a statement purse is made from the same stuff. So, to get away with gifting ourselves a little something, especially with the temperature slowly (or, uh, not-so-slowly) falling, I’ve gotten sneaky and found a whole new crop of items in this fine material that aren’t yet in our wardrobe. Trust me, non-traditional leather-made pieces can add just the right splash of toughness to anyone’s arsenal of winter-ready outfits. Not only are these rich and heavy looks totally weather-approp, but also the added details make ’em that much more special. Be a sneaky Santa (to yourself!), because these intricately laser-cut shorts, pastel colored “T-shirts”, and pleated skater dresses are the perfect excuse to stock up on leather that you don’t actually have. If you want to buy some for your loved ones, well, that’s okay, too! 😉

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