American Apparel Lip Gloss


American Apparel Lip Gloss
Photos courtesy of American Apparel

American Apparel seems to be slowly venturing into beauty, their first beauty product, “Nail Lacquer” released last year and now Lip Gloss. The first line of lip glosses consists of nine shades of gloss with colorful names inspired by the American Apparel experience. “From Legalize LA–a bright red using the slogan of the company’s call for immigration reform–to Pantytime–an apricot-toned pink named after American Apparel’s yearly celebration of all things underwear–these brand themes are complemented by fresh shades that flatter a range of women and a range of looks. The offering includes its share of natural tones, nudes and bold color.”

American Apparel lip gloss is priced at $12 per tube and will be sold at American Apparel stores worldwide as well as online. The rollout of the lip gloss will begin in 50 select American Apparel stores and will quickly expand as the production run increases.

American Apparel Lip Gloss

American Apparel Lip Gloss

American Apparel Lip Gloss

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