How To Wear A Vest This Fall !!

Yes—there are ways to wear a vest without looking like a casino croupier. In fact, learning to wear one is imperative in the colder months, when you want to minimize bulk but maximize warmth (while making sure not to compromise your look!). Vests come in all styles, shapes, and levels of drapey-ness, and are an integral part of every style-savvy girl’s arsenal of layering tricks. It doesn’t hurt to have one in fur, (as pictured above on Rihanna) since fur is all the rage right now!! Add this piece to your repertoire, because there’s definitely more than one way to make it feel chic this fall. And I’m about to share them all.

Mix It Into Monochrome — It’s easy to slip into a black-on-black routine in the winter. Break up all that monochrome with a contrast-colored vest.

Alexander Wang Suede Trench Vest, $995, available at Alexander Wang.


Cinch It With A Belted — A skinny belt can help define your waist and create a peplum-like effect with a drape-y vest. Wear it with your high-waisted skirts and pants.

Talbots Cascade Vest, $27.99, available at Talbots.


Cover A Sheer Top With It — Wear your see-through blouses with a chic vest over them. Just remember to keep the vest fastened in place to prevent any accidental flashing!

Akira Faux Leather Vest, $46.90, available at Akira.


Wear It Like A Wintry Scarf — We’re huge fans of poncho styles that drape over your outfit like a scarf. Wear it open, tossed over a shoulder, or as an inner layer to add some whimsy to a more structured jacket.

Forever21 Fringe Sweater Vest, $32.90, available at Forever21

Work It As An Extra Over-Layer — Use a vest to pep up a conservative outfit. A bright-colored puffer takes the square out of any blazer-and-shirt combo.

J. Crew Excursion Quilted Vest, $98, available at J. Crew.

Work It As an Extra Under-Layer — If you’re in need of some more warmth, but don’t want to add bulk to your arms, a thick vest is a stellar option. Choose a patterned one so it stands out against your jacket.

Patterson J. Kincaid Angela Fur Trim Parka/Vest, $298, available at Shopbop.

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