LUST ITEM: I’m Going Bonkers For This Incredible Fall Boot !!!

Be still my beating heart…I found my dream shoe for LIFE, and it isn’t a Wang, a Miu Miu, or a Zanotti. In fact, it’s brand-new London footwear brand Mark Charles, and this Afina boot with criss-crossed straps, a contrast sole, and the most interesting (and flattering!) toe and heel shape I’ve seen recently.

Their awesomeness comes with an awe-inspiring price as well—these strapped boots will set you back $1,148. But, if you’ve got the spare change and a growing interest, you should probably just do it; These boots are made in a limited run, and only 500 are available. The shoes also come with two spare heels, a horsehair wax brush, wax cream, gloves, and a cloth for buffing…which means you know they know the shoes will last you a helluva long time.

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