Prada’s New “Tricks” To Hang On Your Bag

Prada‘s latest Gifts look book just landed on my desk and it has proven to be a gift in and of itself. As always, there’s a nice, pretty selection of small leather goods (wallets, iPad cases, etc.), but what we really want for Christmas is one of these little fellas. They’re called “tricks”–I’m not sure why–but they are certainly tricked out. They’re collectable trinkets to hook on the straps of your Prada bags. Because when you can afford a Prada bag, why not clip a $150 (this is an estimated price) “trick” onto it, right?

All the bears are clad in wild, rockstar-esque outfits including metallic crop tops, sunglasses, crazy hair, guitars and even jewel-encrusted boobs. They all even have names! And I’m pretty sure at least some of them are allusions to famous musicians. For example, Trick Zaza is totally supposed to be Lady Gaga. These little guys are Prada, so they may be pricey, but it’s fashion with a sense of humor–at its best. See them all below. LOVE!!

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