Tracy Reese, Lela Rose, Susan Sarandon, Fern Mallis and More Remember 9/11

Photo: Getty

Between heightened security, including a row of cop cars lining Columbus Street in front of Lincoln Center, and moments of silence to remember lives lost, the 10 year anniversary of September 11was clearly at the forefront of everyone’s mind today. The shows still went on, so we caught up with fashion insiders and show-goers to find out how they were commemorating and coping with the fated day. Here’s how the fashion community and celebrities are responding to the tragedy: 

Fern Mallis: “The first year we moved shows to London because nobody could cope with it. I canceled everything after Liz Lange’s show and was running around the tents telling people they had to clear the venue and stop what they were doing and tell people what happened. After the first season or two, we realized you can’t not go on. They win if we all stop doing everything that we do.”

Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, Lincoln Center’s Director of Fashion: “There was a moment of silence for each time the planes hit here at Lincoln Center and many designers have donated to the 9/11 fund. But it’s a big business for NYC so the show has to go on, but with vigilance and remembrance.”

“I felt conflicted about whether we should show today or not,” said Lela Rose. “In the beginning I was very nervous about it but I also think it’s a wonderful day to be able to show. There’s something poignant about it and we are moving on but we need to remember what happened.”

“This is a great way to celebrate New York and the endurance and resilience of the city. Obviously we’ll never forget what the day is and what it’s all about, but I think it’s appropriate to carry on with life as long as you keep it in your heart,” said Mandy Moore.

“I think the best thing we can do to remember those that were killed is to live very full lives,” Susan Sarandon told us backstage at Lela Rose. “I was happy to be supportive of a friend. I thought it was a brilliant touch to start the show with Imagine because it’s such a positive song but at the same time recognizes the day in a subtle way all of the problems we’ve had.”

“It’s sad and I think we’re all a little bit tense,” said Tracy Reese backstage at her show. “But I think it’s still important to show that New York is still an exciting and vivacious city and we have survived. But we really wanted to commemorate the day so we donated to scholarship funds for children of 9/11 victims and also some funds that are doing work to help survivors.”

“Tomorrow I’m doing a fundraiser with Cantor Fitzgerald to raise money for victims’ families,” Aisha Tyler said backstage at Tracy Reese. “I hate to use the hyped phrase ‘letting the terrorists win’ but you have to live your life and I’m happy to be here supporting the artists and happy to support Cantor Fitzgerald and victims’ families tomorrow.”

“I was super somber this morning,” said native New Yorker Jamie-Lynn Sigler. “I sat in bed by myself and watched the memorial and I took place in a stage reading this week recounting people’s stories from 9/11 the day it happened. It’s hard, being from here we were all effected directly and I have to be honest, sometimes it feels a little weird to be here at a time like this but it’s a reminder of how strong people are.”

“This morning I woke up and I was just weeping because it was really a tough year for me. I gave birth to my son 6 days after 9/11 so I’ll never forget it. But we won’t be defeated and we need to celebrate life, so that’s why I’m out today and wore the brightest colors I could” said stylist June Abrose, who donned a bright fuchsia suit in her own design.

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