New Macy’s Line Featuring “Rock Scarves”

                                                                              *Photo: Getty

Steven Tyler is enjoying his umpteenth resurgence as a pop culture commodity right now with his popular stint as a judge on American Idol. A long-time style icon, and still proving he has a good eye–he was an early adopter of the hair feather extension, after all–Steven Tyler is the inspiration for a new contemporary clothing line called Andrew Charles. The line will be exclusive to Macy’s, and will be sold in the store’s Impulse department.

 Andrew Charles is the brain child of Andy Hilfiger, brother of Tommy (who isn’t involved in this endeavor). The Hilfigers are well-documented supporters of the music industry, and Andy told WWD, “I grew up on Aerosmith and Steven Tyler. I’ve always loved his music and his style.” Andy was involved in J.Lo‘s Sweetface line, so the blurring of music and fashion is familiar to him.

While Tyler isn’t directly involved in the design of the line, he’s contracted for a year as the face of the brand. And it’s going to be a family affair. Tyler’s daughter, Chelsea Tyler, will also be featured in the campaign (see her in two of the line’s looks, at right and below.) About 15% of the line is men’s, and Tyler is a direct influence on the style there. There will even be a line of scarves, called “Rock Scarf.”

                                                                              *Photo: WWD

The women’s collection continues the 70′s rock goddess vibe, citing Marianne Faithfull, Stevie Nicks and Anita Pallenberg as inspiration. This begs the question of whether a modern shopper will get these influences, but “gypsy, boho-chic,” as Hilfiger described it, is timeless, right? A Macy’s rep told WWD, “It’s a little bit of the older customer, and now the younger customer who knows [Steven Tyler] from American Idol.”

 Eventually the line will branch out to other products, like handbags, jewelry, and the next logical extension, guitars and amps. Andrew Charles is also teaming up wth NYC club Dominion NY, for monthly music nights. Bringing an Andrew Charles hangtag gets you free admission into the club.

Are you ready to rock out with this collection? I love the looks so far.

                                                                               *Photo: WWD

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