I’M MELTING!: Practical Things To Wear In This Heatwave

It’s at least 8,000º in New York, or at least that’s what it feels like right now and tomorrow doesn’t look like it will be much different. It’s hard to figure out the best thing to wear in these kinds of conditions. Skimpy and tight or loose and flowy? Dresses or shorts?

There are several different options for keeping at least somewhat cool during a heatwave other than staying inside or going out naked. It’s all about feeling like you’re naked without actually being naked. Stick with thin fabrics in loose silhouettes that don’t cling to the body and steer clear of thing likse thick leather belts and dark colors.

Wear sunscreen, walk on the shady side of the street, go to the movies, and you’ll be cool as a cucumber!

Here are some cute ideas if you need further inspiration 😉


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