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It’s a big world out there, full of pop-up shops, sample sales, and concept boutiques. Subscription shopping sites are just one more thing crowding the overwhelming world of e-commerce that sends you options of products that are matched-up to your own tastes. Sigh, isn’t life just the worst? Lucky for you, I’ve put together an easy how-to guide on the biggest subscription sites out there. So sit back, sign up, and let the good things come to you.

SoleSociety—Though we’re less than enthusiastic about being forced to describe ourselves with such trite terms as “bohemian,” “rocker,” or “classic” (staples of most style quizzes), SoleSociety actually comes pretty close to spot-on. The selection is fairly limited, but you’ll get a pair of shoes each month for $49.95, regardless of the retail price.

Jewelmint—Backed by Kate Bosworth and stylist Cher Coulter, Jewelmint takes a decidedly sleeker spin on the celebrity-endorsed subscription site. After filling out a personality quiz, members receive one $29.95 credit per month (with the option to opt out each month), good for any piece of jewelry, which means some serious steals. You tend to get what you pay, but since you’ll receive a new piece of bling each month, it’s no huge deal if your jewelry’s lifespan is only a few months.

Birchbox—With so many millions of online clothing options, it’s easy to forget about beauty. Birchbox offers the same monthly credit setup as Jewelmint and Solesociety, but instead of shoes and jewelry, you’ll get incredible beauty samples, both from brands you know and love, and from lesser-known specialized lines. For $10/month or $110/year, you’ll get a deluxe selection of high-end samples: Enough to get a feel for the product without the commitment of buying a full-sized bottle.

Shoedazzle—As with every fashion movement, a B-list invasion is inevitable. Kim Kardashian’s subscription shoe site is one of many to claim a celebrity “stylist” (although the actual level of involvement is anyone’s guess). Shoedazzle is also part of the cross-section of subscription shopping that presumes to predict your selection by putting you through a questionable personal-style quiz upon sign up. Based on your responses, Shoedazzle creates a personal showroom of around 20 items. If you’re looking to emulate everyone’s favorite Kardashian, this is the place for you—you’ll find plenty of strappy stilettos, and unsurprisingly, rhinestone-studded weight loss sneakers.

Just Fabulous—Just Fabulous creates a personalized selection of products based on your tastes. For $39.95 a month, you get to pick any item (with free shipping). Just like the other sites, it’s easy to opt out of a month or purchase more than one item, in high-taste styles, like a mini-shoe collection from the girls behind Who What Wear.

Doyle Mueser—Men can get in on the subscription action as well, with a process that’s a bit more personal. Those in NYC have an opportunity to get bespoke shirts…for a price. Ultra-tailored shirts are available in subscription packages (four shirt each season for $1,300, one shirt every other month for $1,800, one shirt every month for $3,300). Prices may be steep, but this deal should be enough to tantalize the most hardcore of custom-shirt guys.





2 Replies to “Subscription Shopping Sites To Know”

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  2. I read something very similar on Refinery29…I’m really liking this subscription shopping idea but I definitely would love to hear people’s response on it…is it worth it? Do the companies get your “style” right? I want to try Birchbox for sure and I recently seen Julep Maven and Turntable Kitchen from this SkinnyScoop list >

    I will definitely be following this list to see what people say about the companies!

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