I’m Buggin’ Out About The New Made Her Think And Mandy Coon Collab!

The only way I like bugs, as my jewelry! Accompanying the arrival of warmer weather is its uninvited guest, the pesky insect. This summer, I’m switching gears and welcoming the non-living version, Meredith Kahn’s bug-inspired jewelry designs for the Made Her Think collaboration with designer Mandy Coon. The collection consists of four beetle-like black gunmetal and Rhodium-based pieces (a ring, necklace, small and large brooches), some with leather snakeskin and Swarovski crystal detail in ruby, greige, emerald, and jet hermatite. While beetles are mostly harmless, the menacing horns and edgy details take a walk (or fly) on the darker side, characteristic with both MHT and Mandy Coon’s style. The collection was shown alongside Mandy Coon’s fall ’11 line at Lincoln Center during Fashion Week and will be shipping this summer. Better scoop up these buggy accessories in the pre-sale because style junkies are sure to be swarming. The pieces start at $223 and will be available on Bonadrag and Eva NY, and for pre-sale here.

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