I swooned when Ray-Ban first introduced their folding sunglasses in 2007, and freaked when Burberry shared their own pairs this year.  (Especially since my favorite style stars, like Rachel Bilson, above, have been wearing Wayfarers for years.)  But if you need a cheap tryout on the trend before you invest in the compact status accessories, I’ve done some digging and found a good option.

This week, Quay Australian Eyewear puts their own folding shades up for sale on Karmaloop.  They’re designed to snap into an easy throw-this-in-your-bag shape, and they come in four colors, some classic (red, black) and some worthy of a trippy summer festival (hello, neon aqua).

The sunglasses cost $22 online.  I can’t guarantee they’ll last forever, but by the time you’ve tested the folding style’s convenience and wearability, you’ll probably be ready to upgrade to the big leagues.

In the meantime, fold away…

Quay Australia folding sunglasses, $22 per pair at Karmaloop.
Burberry folding sunglasses, $250 at the Burberry Wold Store
Ray-Ban folding Wayfarers, $205 at

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