Lady Gaga Has 3 Heads On The Cover Of V Magazine

If you haven’t heard, V is all about G—not only is Lady Gaga once again on the magazine’s V71 cover, her inaugural two page column rolls out in the same issue. The singer stars as a three-headed musical hydra for “The Asian Issue,” (available to download in Chinese!) in a shoot snapped by Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin and styled by, who else, Nicola Formichetti. The accompanying spread has Gaga once again changing up her look, this time channeling sort of a Harajuku Girl Dominatrix who stumbled into a face-painting group in summer camp. Also included is an interview by Sir Elton John, in which the songstress says, “My dad’s a whiskey mouth like me, so we don’t argue much about my recreational life: boozing and recording.” When Elton asks her what the most spectacular thing she’s ever seen when looking into an audience, she answers with alacrity—”Myself. It’s like a magnificent disco ball, with twenty thousand tiny mirrors reflecting back at me….I see myself through my fans. I feel God through their love.” Apparently, she’s also really into Edith Piaf and…Gregorian chanting.

Check out her new fan artwork above her column, or check out the rest of the entries from the “Drawn This Way” competition at the V Offices at 11 Mercer Street (near Howard Street). To celebrate the issue, V is also selling a limited hard cover edition and T-shirt here.

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