The Latest: Dior Won’t Announce John Galliano’s Replacement Until the Fall!!!

When when when?!? When will LVMH name John Galliano’s successor at Dior???

Hold your horses, fashionites. You’re not going to get your answer until the fall, according to our reputable sources.

While the front runner is still Givenchy’s Riccardo Tisci, we hear that the company is holding off naming anyone for two major reasons. 1. John Galliano still hasn’t been formally fired. (His contract must be legally dissolved.) 2. LVMH doesn’t want any announcement on the future of the brand to overshadow this season. If editors are in a tizzy over Galliano’s replacement, who will shoot Dior for covers? Who will wear it on the red carpet?

Indeed, those on the mastheads don’t really have a choice: Dior is a major, major advertiser, which means they will be shooting it regardless of what Galliano did.

On more sordid fronts, I continue to hear rumors from within the House of Dior that John Galliano’s demise was partially set-up. Hmmmm….Do with that what you will.

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