London’s Sunday Times is reporting that Kate Middleton will wed in Alexander McQueen on April 29.

Middleton will also have some input regarding the design of the dress. Sources tell the Telegraph “the design of the dress will be a combination of Miss Middleton’s own ideas and Mrs Burton’s quirky interpretation of high fashion.” The paper also reports that Sarah Burton was “chosen for the discretion afforded by her relatively low profile, as well as for her alternative take on elegance.”

The Sunday Times, the first outlet to report that McQueen had landed the coveted job of designing Middlton’s wedding dress, is sticking to their story despite the fact that McQueen’s camp has denied the report to CNN. As for Prince William’s office, they told CNN “We’re saying nothing.”

Though McQueen has to deny the report, even if it’s true. “Royal protocol means that even if it is McQueen, they will have to deny until Clarence House makes an announcement one way or the other,” Brit fashion writer Sasha Wilkins, aka Liberty London Girl, says.
And she isn’t surprised to hear McQueen’s name emerge. “Up until now the media have made relatively little of the fact that the fashion writer Sara Buys who is connected to Harper’s Bazaar, and who married in Alexander McQueen, is Prince Williams’s step-sister…she’s got to be influencing the decision in some way.”

Fingers crossed the rumor is true. Kate Middleton always looks gorgeous (because she is), but her sartorial choices have always been conservative and safe–often too safe.

Wilkins thinks Sarah Burton for McQueen would be an excellent choice for Middlton too. “The house of Alexander McQueen manages to be wholly original, whilst still understanding the glorious heritage of English fashion and costume, but never resorting to pastiche,” she says. “They also operate to what are essentially couture standards in their runway collections and a dress of this type has to be rigorously made.”

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