HUH??!!Would You Buy This $700 18-Karat Gold Security Tag?

NYC-based art director Justin Gignac created the pin with the idea of elevating an everyday item into the fashion and art realms. If you’re into the excess, snap up the pin from Security!’s online store or at Reed Space, 151 Orchard Street (bewteen Stanton and Rivington streets); 212-253-0588.

When I first looked at this “pin” I was like,” HUH?!! Are you serious??!!”  It’s a $700 18k Gold Security Tag Pin. Seriously, who would pay for this. Well, although it isn’t my cup of tea, I guarantee that there is someone out there that would love to rock this one of a kind look.

6 Replies to “HUH??!!Would You Buy This $700 18-Karat Gold Security Tag?”

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