CHECK IT OUT !! Gwen Stefani’s Entire Harajuku Mini Collection for Target !!

Gwen Stefani’s children’s line for Targetwon’t hit stores until November 13, but we just got our hands on the full look book so you can peruse what may be the most unique collection of clothing ever designed for those under the age of four.

Your kids may not understand what Harajuku means, but unless they possess the rare sophistication of Suri Cruise, they will probably love these clothes because they look like what an overstimulated child would pick out if left to his or her own devices. The line, which caters to infants, toddlers and tweens, is halloween costume-meets-ballerina-meets-schoolgirl. While your baby might get some weird looks for wearing a pink/floral/striped tutu with legwarmers or sweatpants with giant bunny ears on the butt, the clothes are, for the most part, practical and appropriate. You won’t find any kiddy lingerie here.

So, look below for all the clothes and accessories that Nicki Minaj is totally wishing came in her size. 😉

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