Missoni for Target Shopping Frenzy Crashes Retailer’s Site !!!

Well, we could have seen this coming: The excitement around the 400-piece Missoni for Target collection–and the millions of eager shoppers–have crashed the retailer’s website.

At 6:04 am,  Target tweeted that the online exclusives were now available for purchase on their site; by 6:46 am, the entire collection was up on their site–But a mere hour later, tweeters were reporting issues with the site, and by 10:00 am the retailer  began responding to complaints and acknowledged the site was down. At 10:30 am, the retailer  confirmed that “the overwhelming demand for #MissoniforTarget ended up taking our site down.”

Cue a million disappointed shoppers. But while you may have missed a good night’s sleep in anticipation of the collection, don’t get too despondent. Target, via their very responsive twitter account @TargetStyle, is assuring customers that the site should be back up soon, promising an estimate at around 11:00am today. (At 11:15. Still down.)

And for those willing to risk life and limb for one of the collaboration’s zig-zagged pieces–you can always try one of Target’s brick and mortar stores, of which the retailer  assures us “many” will be restocking the collection, though I can only imagine the frenzy there.

Have you been to a Target store this morning? Tell me what you got….

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