Lauren Conrad’s Paper Crown Line Has Officially Launched: A Look Back at the Top 10 Trends Set by LC


Lauren Conrad’s role in fashion has gone from the Cali girl everyone wanted to dress like to a budding designer with some actual talent–her latest line, Paper Crown, hit stores Saturday.

While on The Hills, millions of viewers watched Lauren Conrad cry over boyfriends and fight with Speidi. But what we were all really paying attention to–subconsciously or not–was the Laguna Beach native’s easy to emulate style.

Even with her reality days behind her,Conrad continues to inspire and fuel beauty and fashion trends. We’ve rounded up ten of LC’s signiture looks–from the ever popular side braid to her new tie-dyed ombre tresses (and matching nails).

On her new beauty website, the Beauty Department, Conrad lists ombre hair and nails as her latest obsession. The ombre look is all over Hollywood right now, but few have managed to master the look quite like LC.


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