Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony are Staying Together…At Kohl’s


When word broke Friday evening that Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony were ending their seven year marriage, your first thought probably wasn’t ‘But what about their line for Kohl’s!?’

If that thought did occur to you, as it of course did to WWD, never fear, Kohl’s is pressing along with the couple’s line despite their recent split.

In November Kohl’s announced that the celebrity couple would design men’s and women’s lines for the store as well as a line for home, to launch this coming September. According to WWD, Kohl’s heralded Lopez and Anthony as “the first celebrity couple to simultaneously design collections for one retailer.”

Kohl’s says they still plan to release collections by Lopez and Anthony, only with a slightly different billing. “The Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony brands have always been positioned as two separate, distinctive collections that offer high-quality contemporary style for men and women, and we look forward to a successful September launch,” a Kohl’s spokeswoman told WWD. To further emphasis that everything will be A-OK come September, Rick Darling, the president of LF USA, which is sublicensing the brands to Kohl’s exclusively, told the trade, “[Their split] doesn’t impact the agreements in any way…We have two separate agreements with Jennifer and Marc and always intended to have separate lines.”

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