Coachella Festival’s Top Five Trends!

1) Denim cut-offs aren’t going anywhere. Yes the reign of the shredded, itty-bitty shorts continue.

2) Go buy something crochet. Now! From roomy tops to fitted minis, this was the fabric of the festival.

3) Sandals are so 2010. Bet you thought 100 degree heat meant your toes would definitely be making an appearance. Wrong! Festival-goers opted instead for cool-girl-approved ankle booties (a la Isabal Marant), sturdy knee highs and beat-up moccasins.

4) Accessorize with bold, ethnic prints. Festival-goers jazzed up otherwise simple outfits (maxi dresses, shorts and tees) with ethnic accents from navajo belts to Wayu Taya bags to vintage Mexican jewelry–the tribe didn’t matter but one thing is for sure: The more vibrant, the better.

5) Go long–as in maxi skirts and dresses. This is one of those runway trends that translates perfectly in real life, no supermodel bod–or shaver–required!

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