It seems like Prada’s spring 2011 collection is everywhere. It’s on the cover of every fashion glossy, it dominates editorials, and a look from the collection even made an appearance on a cartoon lady in an Airfrance ad. And now the collection is hitting the high street. The window display at a Zara in London which is essentially a scene from Prada’s runway, right down to the striped sombrero (though in white instead of neon). I investigated further and it seems there are many, many pieces in store right now that look very, very “inspired” by Prada’s spring collection.

“The entire store is totally Prada-ed out,” our sleuth reports. “The color scheme includes royal blue, and vivid shades of orange, green, and pink. Crop tops and skirts are striped, as are the scarves a la the Prada mink stoles. Prints are tropical and silhouettes are boxy and loose.”

Check out another photo of Zara’s take on Prada. It’s not the first time Zara’s been heavily inspired by the runways, but did they take things too far this time?


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